4 Silly Excuses For Not Renting In A Paradise Palms Vacation Home


It’s the middle of winter.

Every morning you bundle up against the cold, scrape your car’s frosty windshield, and endure the chilly commute to work. Every afternoon you eat lunch in the gray breakroom in the blinding fluorescent light. You stare out the tiny window while munching your ham and cheese on rye, dreaming of a week-long vacation in a tropical paradise.

Today, instead of pushing this dream to the back burner of your mind with your 3,486th deep sigh of the day, why not do something about it?

Here at VacationPoolHomes.com, we specialize in helping people realize their dream of sinking their toes in the warm, white sand of a beautiful Florida beach, or diving into their own private, heated pool, all without having to endure the loud, crowded environment of a chain hotel.

You Deserve A Paradise Palms Vacation Home!

If you’re about to tell us that you don’t have the time or money for a Paradise Palms vacation home, save your breath. We’ve heard all of these excuses before and we’re not buying it! Keep reading to discover the five silliest excuses for not treating yourself to a vacation home rental. Then browse our vacation home listings in Paradise Palms resort to see all of the gorgeous homes you can book right here on VacationPoolHomes.com!

“What Will Happen At Work?”

We get it. You’re dedicated to your job. Sure, there will be some work stacked up when you return. Maybe a few hundred emails you’ll have to (mostly) delete when you sit back down at your desk. But trust us, the wheels of the great corporate machine will keep turning in your absence. Yes, your department/team/boss really can get along without you. Are you really going to deny yourself vital rest and relaxation because your clients will have to live without you for a few days?  Utter hogwash.

“It’s Going To Be Expensive”

Yes, vacations cost money. You might have to save up your latte money for a month or two in order to avoid putting it all on the credit card, but staying in a Paradise Palms vacation home isn’t a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous. Don’t want to shell out the full price all on your own? Invite some friends or family members who are probably aching for a vacation as well. Between three or four people, our Paradise Palms vacation homes can be booked for less than $90 per night/per person. You can’t even find a hotel for that much!

“My Pets Will Miss Me!”

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love our furbabies too. They bring a lot of joy into our lives and there’s nothing better than hearing their excited bark/meow when we return home at the end of a long day. However, let us be the first to tell you that your pets will survive. Boarding them for a few days or hiring the neighbor kid to come over once a day to pet and feed them is more than enough to keep them safe and sound. If you’re a REAL helicopter parent, you can also install a pet cam so that you can see or even talk to them throughout the day.

“I’m No Good At Planning Vacations”

Thanks to the internet and resources like VacationPoolHomes.com, you no longer have to be a travel agent to get a great vacation home at a great price in a highly desirable area. We pride ourselves in having beautiful vacation homes for rent throughout the Orlando/Kissimmee, including the gorgeous Paradise Palms resort. Not only can you book our vacation home rentals online at any time of day or night, you can also contact us directly to work together with one of our agents throughout the entire process.

What are you waiting for? Turn your vacation dreams into a reality today!