6 Tips To Run Your Disney Vacation Rental Like A Small Business


Are you the proud owner of a vacation rental property in the Disney corridor? Do you find that you just don’t have enough time to visit your Disney vacation rental as often as you might like, and worry that you might soon have to relinquish ownership of the property where you family has shared so many happy times? VacationPoolHomes.com is here to tell you not to throw in the towel just yet! We’ve helped hundreds of Disney vacation rental owners take their property from a once in awhile treat to a passive income stream that creates financial security for their family. It’s all thanks to our knowledgeable property management professionals that are dedicated to maintaining your Florida vacation home as if it were their own.

Want to know how to turn your Disney vacation rental into a small business that will allow you to keep it and all the happy times you’ve shared there? Keep reading to learn more!

Disney Vacation Rentals Can Be A Great Side Business

Far too many people think of their vacation rental as a “second home” rather than what it truly is, a profit center! There are two ways that a short-term rental vacation homeowner can make money off of their property:

“First, there is money to be made on the actual rental of the property to vacationers. Secondly, there is the eventual realized appreciation profit if the property is sold,” explains vacation real estate expert Jay Wells. This means that you can profit off of your Disney vacation home whether you rent it out or not. However, on one hand, you’ll have to wait many years and go through the complicated process of selling your home permanently in order to reap the profit, while on the other, you can be earning small portions of profit over time…indefinitely!

If you do plan to rent out your vacation home, here are some things you’ll need to do in order to be successful:

Understand The Risks – The fact that renting out a Disney vacation home can be very profit, often with minimal daily effort on your part, doesn’t mean that this type of a business venture is without its risks. Inclement weather could cause a dip in reservations, or a temporary tenant could cause costly damage to the property. Insulating yourself against these risks is imperative.

Invest In Security – Consumers are more aware of safety risks when traveling than ever before. You’ll need to take steps to ensure them that they’re safe when staying at your Disney vacation rental. This may include installation of a home security system and taking steps to ensure that all guests/resorts are properly vetted before allow them access to the property. A security system can help to minimize your losses in the event of an unruly or absent minded guest, as well.

Anticipate Consumer Needs – If you think about your Disney vacation home as a business, you’ll quickly see that going above and beyond to meet your guests’ needs is the best form of marketing. In the internet age, comparison shopping is quite easy. If they’re looking at pictures of your dated home, with no Wifi or flat screen television, next to pictures of a recently updated home with all the bells and whistles, which one do you think they’re going to choose? Offering hair blow dryers, shampoo/conditioner, beach towels and chairs, and pool toys are other small ways of showing your guests just how much you care.

Pay Attention To Cleanliness – Sure you can charge your guests a $150 cleaning fee and then just take care of washing linens and making beds yourself, but rest assured your next guest will be able to tell the difference. In order to compete with hotels, privately-owned Disney vacation rentals must match or exceed their cleanliness and level of service. Fail to hire a professional cleaner and you could find yourself the unlucky recipient of negative reviews that take a toll on future business.

Don’t Have Time To Run Your Disney Vacation Rental? Hire Us Instead!

As you can see, running a successful vacation rental means paying attention and staying ahead of the competition. If you don’t have the time to screen applicants, put together contracts, and hire a cleaning service, we can do it for you! Our property management experts would love to be your partner in turning a vacation rental into a small business.