Don’t Make These Common Disney Vacation Rental Mistakes!


Here at Vacation Pool Homes, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as one of Florida’s best Disney vacation rental companies. In three separate years, we were awarded the Guest Service award for Best Overall Guest Quality across our vacation rental listings. This means that we take the time to anticipate our guests’ needs, list only the most beautiful and modern properties, and cultivate relationships with the best resorts. We want you to have fun in your Disney vacation rental and there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.


Sadly, not everyone chooses to work with when booking Disney vacation rentals. This makes it possible for them to make some of the most common mistakes that plague first-time tourists who come to Florida to visit Disney. Take a read through the list below so you can have a good understanding of all the ways that we go above and beyond to deliver a worry-free experience!

Common Mistakes When Booking A Disney Vacation Rental

Not Counting Bathrooms – Are you traveling with extended family, including teenage cousins and elderly parents? Be sure to make sure your vacation rental has enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone’s bathroom style. Teenagers and older people typically require more time and space in the bathroom, which isn’t going to work when you’ve also got a gaggle of toddlers who have to pee RIGHT NOW. Keep in mind that some Disney vacation rentals count half baths as full bathrooms in order to make their listing sound more attractive. If you really need bathtubs for the kiddos, you’ll want to inquire about exactly what you’re getting.

Not Getting Enough Space – One bedroom per couple is all well and good, but does your Disney vacation rental also have enough room for everyone to sit together and watch a movie? How about dining space, both indoors and out?

“It’s just like when you’re choosing the right permanent residence,” explains Jon Gray, Senior Vice President for the Americas for HomeAway. “A vacation rental provides you with a lot of space, but oftentimes, the configurations of the rooms are quite different.” To get the most space for your money, suggests Gray, be sure to research or request pictures of the layout and select an appropriate choice for your family’s unique makeup and style.

Not Thinking About Traffic – When buying a home, location is one of the most important factors your real estate agent will encourage you to consider. When booking Disney vacation rentals, location is even more important because you won’t want to waste all of your precious time driving 30 minutes or more to attractions or restaurants. If a vacation rental is suspiciously cheap, double check the address. Chances are that the location is more than a little off the beaten path. Here at Vacation Pool Homes, we’re happy to report that all of our vacation rental listings are conveniently located in the Disney corridor, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from all the best attractions.

Forgetting Creature Comforts – We do everything we possibly can to make you feel at home in our Disney vacation rental, but there are some things we just can’t replace. To really create an unforgettable experience, we recommend bringing special pillows, toys, entertainment items, and personal effects so that you’ll never find yourself without something you need. Check out our previous post to learn more about what you should pack for a stay in our vacation homes.

Not Taking Advantage Of On-Site Amenities – Yes, location is important, especially if you want to visit as many of the Disney resorts and theme parks as possible during your stay. However, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of great things to do right outside your door as well! Each and every one of the resort communities in which our Disney vacation rentals are located offers facilities like hot tubs/sauna, fitness centers, gardens, on-site vending machines and snack bars, and more. If you want to play tennis or take your kids to the playground, you can do so without even getting in your rental car!

Want to ensure that you have a wonderful experience in a beautiful Disney vacation rental? Book your stay through today!