Florida Is A Space Enthusiast’s Dream Destination


Picture this: You are about to leave for a surprise family vacation that you planned for the kids. Your little ones are obsessed with all things Disney – from Mickey Mouse and Goofy to Princesses Rapunzel, Tiana, Ariel, and Belle (in that order), to Woody and Buzz from Toy Story and all the great characters in between. It makes sense that this surprise vacation would be a trip to Disney World, and that the whole family would stay in a Disney vacation rental where everyone has plenty of space to truly relax – but then your son or daughter makes an unexpected request. They want to see some cool space stuff while in Florida. Well that throws a wrench into the plans! Thankfully, The Sunshine State is one of the leading regions for space tourism in the world, and squeezing in some out of this world activities isn’t rocket science! Your little astronaut will be over the moon when you tell him or her about some of the sites they’ll be able to see on vacation. If you’re taking a day trip to the Space Coast, be sure to fit in the following attractions, some of which are space-themed, and others that are just conveniently located.

  1. Watch a launch: This is hard to do if your vacation is already planned, but not impossible. Every so often a rocket launches from various locations on Florida’s Space Coast. From the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, or SpaceX. These launches are free to watch – you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Check out this handy launch schedule from We Are Go Florida, an organization dedicated to encouraging space tourism on your next visit to Florida.

  2. Space Walk Of Fame Museum: This space-themed museum is located in Titusville and is home to hundreds of artifacts from the Space Program, as well as dozens of monuments dedicated to those who made space travel a reality. Kids under age 12 can get free admission, and with a Discovery Room dedicated to the future of space travel, it is sure to inspire your future astronaut.

  3. The Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum: Perhaps your pilot-to-be is just as interested in general aeronautics as they are in space travel. In that case, surprise your daughter or son with a trip to the Warbird Museum in Titusville. This museum has over 45 historic warbirds and aircrafts, ranging from the beginning of aviation to modern times.

  4. Kennedy Space Center: This is a can’t-miss destination for any space enthusiast. This has been the hub of space travel and exploration since the 1960s, and the home of the first manned rocket launches, including those that landed astronauts on the moon. At the Kennedy Space Center, you can visit the 4D Heroes and Legends exhibit featuring the Astronaut Hall of Fame and learn about the brave souls who made space travel a reality and meet real astronauts. You can also experience high-tech training simulators, get up close and personal with different shuttles such as Atlantis and Saturn V, and ride on the Shuttle Launch Experience ride to feel like you’re really taking off in a space shuttle.

  5. Brevard Zoo: This famous zoo is just a short drive from the Kennedy Space Center and is known for the fact that you can view wild animals from a kayak in the zoo’s river, as well as having open-space exhibits. Brevard Zoo has hundreds of animals of different species, and an array of hands-on experiences.

  6. Visit one of our famous beaches: The Space Coast happens to be located among some of the best beaches on the East Coast. Port Canaveral is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, and you’ll get to see towering cruise ships up close, as well as enjoy local restaurants and fishing. For a more “beach day” experience, stop by Satellite Beach and watch local surfers catch waves at this family-friendly beach. If you’re not too concerned about the name of the beach you visit, the Space Coast includes over 70 miles of sandy shores, most of which are free for public enjoyment. Just hop in the car and pull over when you see a stretch of sand you like.

Take A Day To Explore The Space Coast On Your Florida Vacation

While you might be traveling to Florida with the idea of spending days at Disney World, consider taking a day trip to the Space Coast – the stretch of land from Titusville to Palm Bay that is home to Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Just a short drive from your Orlando vacation home, the Space Coast is a dream for any kid or adult interested in space travel, aeronautics, or aviation. This unique area is fun for the entire family, and boasts experiences and sites that you won’t get anywhere else. At Vacation Pool Homes, we are happy to be your home base while you explore our beautiful state. See our list of available vacation rentals in Florida and start planning your next vacation with Vacation Pool Homes.