How To Pack For Your Florida Villa Rental In 30 Minutes Or Less


Are you a proactive traveler or more of a procrastinator? It seems that there are two types of people in the world, those who spend months planning out and anticipating every aspect of their upcoming Florida vacation, and those who seem to completely forget they’ve booked a Florida villa rental until the day before they have to get on the plane!

No matter which type of traveler you think you are, you could probably stand to learn some tips about how to pack quickly and efficiently. Once it comes time to pack your bags for your Florida villa rental, you’ll probably be feeling excited and a wee bit anxious. Packing can seem like a never-ending obstacle that’s standing between you and fun in the sun! If you often feel disorganized while you’re packing, and constantly worried that you may be forgetting something, we’ve got some tips that should come in very handy.


Fast Packing Tips From Travel Pros

1. Pick The Correct Suitcase – The length of your vacation should determine the size and style of suitcase that you choose. Staying in your Florida villa rental for a long weekend demands only a carry on suitcase, while a stay of a week or longer demands that you check a full size bag. If you’re able to pack everything you need into a carry on suitcase (plus a personal item such as a backpack) you may be able to avoid bag check fees altogether! Double bonus.

2. Embrace Sample Sizes – If you travel on a regular basis, it’s a great idea to invest in a clear, TSA-compliant, toiletry bag that’s stocked with travel sizes of all your favorite personal care items. Then, when it’s time to pack your suitcase, all you have to do is grab this bag, add your toothbrush and contact case, and toss it in the suitcase. A bonus of embracing sample-sized toiletries is that you won’t be forced to check your back just because you have liquids in it! All sample-sized personal care products are already TSA-compliant for carry-on luggage.

3. Streamline Your Wardrobe – It’s true that you’ll need something to wear for each day that you stay in a Florida villa rental. You’ll also need to bring at least one or two items, like a long-sleeved shirt or a fancy dress, just in case. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean bringing a separate set of clothes for each day of your stay. “Try to mix and match outfits—wear the same pair of pants with different tops, for example—to cut down on bulky extras,” suggests Reader’s Digest. We’d also recommend looking for shoes that can serve multiple purposes. Is there a pair of sandals that can be worn to the beach as well as a nice restaurant later that night. This is a strategy that can save lots of room for other essentials in your case!

4. Lay Everything Out Before Starting – Rushing home and stuffing things into your suitcase willy-nilly is one way to pack, but it’s hardly the most efficient. Sure, you may find that you have a packed suitcase at the end of 30 minutes, but you’ll almost definitely realize that you forgot something important when you arrive at your Florida villa rental. Instead of the “throw paint against the wall” approach, we suggest putting your suitcase on your bed and arranging everything you think you might need to pack in a semi-circle around it. Then, as you pick up each item to fold/roll it in preparation for your suitcase, you’ll have another opportunity to evaluate whether it’s truly necessary for your trip or not.

5. Pack In Layers – Want to pack like a true pro? You’ve got to embrace the layered approach. “Begin by putting rolled items in a layer at the bottom of your suitcase. Cushion fragile items (like perfume bottles) in the middle and plan to put items you need on arrival (like your PJs and toothbrush) at the top end of the case, so you can find them easily. Next, put the folded items in a layer, alternating the neck and hem of tops to minimize the amount of bulk and keep the layer even, which makes it much easier to zip closed. Place shoes heel-to-toe and brace each pair around the inner shell of the suitcase,” explains Reader’s Digest.

6. Finish With A Large Top Layer – And what is the glorious icing on this suitcase layer cake? Large items like your beach towel, a favorite scarf, or beach sarong. Drape this large layer over the entire contents of your suitcase, then tuck in the edges. This will help to prevent items from shifting during your travels and also make it easier to zip your suitcase (no edges or laces sticking out).

Now that you know the best way to pack, it’s time to put those new skills to use! Book your Florida villa rental through today.