How To Pack Lightly For A Long Stay In Your Disney Vacation Rental


If you’ve been following our blog for a little while, you know that we’re positively overflowing with reasons why staying in Disney vacation rental provides a superior experience to staying in a hotel. Some of those reasons include unparalleled privacy, access to personal facilities like fully-equipped kitchens and outdoor dining areas, and of course, the fact that most of our Disney vacation rentals come with their own private pool!

One benefit of staying in a Disney vacation rental that we haven’t often discussed is the fact that they’re far better equipped for long stays. If you have the desire and ability to visit the Disney corridor for a couple of weeks (or longer!) at a time, staying in a hotel room just isn’t going to cut it. After just a few days, you’re likely to feel a little claustrophobic, trapped in a tiny room with nothing but a few feet separating you from the television, the coffee pot, and the bathroom–all at the same time!

If you’re planning a longer stay in the Disney area, we’d like to suggest that a vacation home rental is a much better idea. Instead of being cramped together, you’ll all be able to enjoy your own bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas.

Although you’ll have plenty of room once you arrive at the vacation rental, the same can’t be said of your flight to Florida. So, the clever minds on the team have put together a list of tips for packing everything you’ll need for a long stay into as few bags as possible!

Expert Tips For Packing A Long Trip Into A Small Suitcase

  1. Start With A Small Bag – The first mistake that most people make is allowing themselves to pack a giant bag. Trust us, if you start with a heavy-duty, international-sized suitcase, you’re going to pack it full to the gills. And you won’t need it all. Find a sturdy roller bag that’s well within carry-on size limits, and tell yourself that’s all the room you have.
  2. Think About What You’ll Really Be Doing – Don’t pack for the trip you might be taking; pack for the trip you’re actually taking. If you’re going to be spending your days exploring the Disney properties, with an occasionally trip to the beach, you can get by with two bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, and comfy shoes. Don’t bother bringing fancy clothes, multiple pairs of shoes, or things like towels, which will be included in your Disney vacation rental!
  3. Skip The Toiletries – Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion take up TONS of room in your suitcase, not to mention the fact that they’ll make it impossible for you to carry on your bag. Because you’ll be staying in your Disney vacation rental for several weeks, there’s no reason not to wait to purchase these toiletries once you reach Florida. You’ll have plenty of room to store them in your multiple full sized bathrooms. Don’t Be Afraid To Reuse Outfits – Guess what? Your Disney vacation rental will come equipped with access to a washer and dryer, so you don’t have to worry about making your clean clothes last until the last day of your trip. So limit yourself to three or four mix and match outfits, and simply wash them when necessary!
  4. Don’t Bring Things “Just In Case” – It’s a common error in thinking when people are packing: They’re so worried about forgetting something important, they end up packing dozens of things “just in case” they’re needed. What really happens is that they end up schlepping many things that they never end up using at all. Instead of this wasted effort, try spending a little more time planning strategically and what you’ll really need. Don’t worry, if there’s anything you’re lacking, the team will do whatever it can to make you comfortable!

Experience The Joys Of Florida With A Disney Vacation Rental

So what are you waiting for? With it’s easy and affordable to play a longer stay in the Disney area…and you won’t have to be worried about fighting with family members because you’re all packed into a hotel room like sardines! Experience the luxurious, relaxing experience that’s possible when you have a Florida home, condo, or villa rental all to yourself.