How To Survive Florida Humidity


Okay, we admit it. Florida is humid. Humidity simply means the amount of water vapor in the air, and is measured in a percentage.  One study collected humidity data and found Florida to be the second most humid state, beat out only by Mississippi, with an average morning humidity at 87%, and afternoon humidity coming in around 60%. Often times this level of humidity can make it feel like you’re in a steam room at a spa, and it can make it hard to breathe and do normal activities. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid the Sunshine State. Instead, it simply means that you can take precautions when you visit to ensure that no one in your party gets sick. Extreme humidity can cause an array of negative effects on someone who is new to the environment, including headaches, dizziness, asthma, and nausea in extreme conditions. Infants, toddlers, and elderly people are especially susceptible to heat sickness caused by humidity and hot weather, so ensuring that everyone is being cautious is the first step to a great vacation.

Tips For Staying Cool In Florida’s Humid Climate

  1. Choose indoor, air conditioned activities: Florida as dozens of museums that the whole family is sure to love. A vacation is also never a bad time to see a new movie, go to the library, or see one of our famous indoor malls.

  2. Head to a water park: Florida has dozens of water parks that are perfect for a hot day. Even though you might be walking from ride to ride and standing in line, when you finally get on that water slide it will be an instant refresher. Just make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours to avoid coming home with a painful burn.

  3. Stay hydrated: Even though the air is full of water vapor, you aren’t actually drinking the air, right? You’ll sweat a lot in high humidity climates, so make sure you are replenishing with ice cold water all day long. Drinking sports drinks can help keep your electrolytes up since you lose a lot of salt when you sweat.

  4. Avoid alcoholic beverages: We know that nothing sounds better than a frozen margarita when you’re stuck outdoors in 90% humidity and 100-degree weather, but alcohol can make you dehydrated. Alcohol prevents the body from producing a hormone that helps the body absorb water, which is why drinking alcohol often results in frequent trips to the bathroom.

  5. Wear loose, light colored clothing: This is a perfect time to break out the cotton t-shirts and linen shorts. A pair of Chacos or other durable sandal will keep your feet cool while still providing you with the support you need to run around on your vacation.

  6. Utilize your pool: At your Vacation Pool Home, you’ll have access to a private pool – and you should use it! We keep our pools clean and ready for you to jump in as soon as you set your bags down. When it’s too hot to go out, alternate between dips in the pool and the air conditioned home. Keep the windows closed and utilize fans to keep the vacation rental feeling extra cool.

  7. Watch what you eat: You’re on vacation, and we definitely don’t want to tell you to avoid all the local foods that Florida has to offer. However, a salad, or even one of our authentic fish tacos, will make you feel better than a greasy burger and fries when the sun is beating down on you. Eat lots of cold fruits, or even indulge in some ice cream to make you feel a little cooler.

  8. Slow down: We know there is a lot to do in Florida, but keeping up a brisk walking pace all day can be exhausting. Slow down, take a breather, stop in the shade, and visit local shops to get a break from the heat.

Your Florida Vacation Rental Is Your Humidity Escape

When you rent one of our Vacation Pool Homes, you know you’re getting a spacious home with air conditioning and a private pool – what more could you need to beat the heat? Often times hotels don’t allow you to adjust the thermostat how you need to in order to feel comfortable, and being in tight quarters with the whole family when it’s already so hot can make for a not-so-enjoyable stay in our beautiful state. Choosing to stay in a Florida vacation home ensures you’ll have a place to stay cool and relax all day. Check out our entire selection of Kissimmee and Orlando vacation rentals today and start planning your next trip! If you’re staying with us and need advice on where to go to cool off, our friendly 24/7 staff is more than happy to offer suggestions of local activities for the whole family.