Pool Games To Play During Your Paradise Palms Stay


If you’re planning a vacation with us at Paradise Palms Resort, you’re in for a treat. You’re going to have to put all the other vacations you’ve ever experienced on the back burner. Staying in a Paradise Palms vacation home won’t be like any other hotel, cruise, or resort you’ve ever stayed at in the past. For one thing, you’re going to experience an unprecedented level of privacy. It will truly be like living in your own Florida vacation home, without the high cost of purchasing a piece of property! You’ll have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a full kitchen, and laundry facilities at your disposal. And, most importantly of all (especially in the eyes of your kids) you’ll have a POOL.

Vacations Are Better With A Pool!

Yes, that’s right. Vacations ARE better with a pool. Even when your Paradise Palms vacation home is located just about an hour’s drive from some of the most glorious coastline in America, and you could always get plenty of splash time in at one of Disney World’s many water-based attractions. Being able to walk right outside your vacation home rental and into your own, quiet, clean, sparkling clear swimming pool is STILL better! Not only will it give you the perfect place to catch up with a good book, it will be the star of the vacation for your kids, who will have to be dragged inside for dinner when the sun sets–fingers fully pruned!

Speaking of kids and pool play time, why not surprise your kids by joining in the fracas? Here are some extremely fun games that require little else than a vacation pool home and some energy!

Pool Games You Can Play At Your Paradise Palms Vacation Home


  1. Swimming Battleball – Imagine a game of water polo that’s been combined with American Ninja Warrior, and you’ll begin to understand this no-holds-barred pool game. Divide into two teams, with each team taking one end of the pool. The objective? Get your ball through the other team’s goal. The twist? You have to tread water the entire time! Touching the side means you’re automatically out.
  2. Sharks & Minnows – This is one of the oldest and most well-loved pool games. The “shark” is typically the best swimmer in your group, and is positioned in the middle of the pool. The “minnows” line up against the shallow end of the pool. The object of the game is for the minnows to get to the other end without being tagged by the shark. Challenge! The shark can only tag a minnow (turning them into a shark) while swimming underwater.
  3. Diving Contest (Or Belly Flop Contest) – If the pool at your Paradise Palm vacation home has a deep end and a diving board, it’s always fun to use it as the basis for a pool game contest. You can have people compete for the smallest splash created by a dive, the most creative dive, or diving the deepest! If you’re not into diving, you can also do the same with big running jumps off the board.


Ready to start the adventure? Start by browsing the listings here on VacationPoolHomes.com. We guarantee that your experience in a Paradise Palms vacation home will change your mind about how relaxing and convenient a vacation can be. You’ll never want to stay in a hotel again!