Should You Rent A Home Or Condo In Orlando?


If you’re planning a trip to the Orlando area, you’ve certainly landed on the right website. For many years, Vacation Pool Homes has managed and maintained some of the most beautiful vacation rentals in the Disney corridor. This means that if you’re looking for a vacation rental within a few minutes drive of all of the best attractions Orlando has to offer, like Disney World Resort, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, and more, we have the affordable-yet-luxurious options you’re looking for!


Now, when browsing through the hundreds of Orlando vacation rentals we offer in Florida, you might notice that we have several different types of properties available. There are townhouses and condos, in addition to homes and villas. So what’s the difference? And which one will be the best choice for you and your guests while you’re in Orlando? Great questions. Keep reading to discover a few of the pros and cons of each.

Benefits Of Home And Villa Rentals In Florida

  1. Space – One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to rent a full-sized home or villa in Orlando is that you’ll be hanging out with a lot of people! Planning a family reunion, wedding, or getaway among best friends is much easier when you can all stay in the same place. When you choose our vacation home or villa rentals, you’ll have multiple bedrooms, scores of bathrooms, game rooms, full-sized kitchens, and outdoor dining areas at your disposal. No one will have to complain about “hearing Dad snore at night” or “not having any hot water left in the shower” when you choose a home or villa rental.
  2. Privacy – Another major benefit of choosing Orlando vacation homes is that you’ll enjoy unparalleled privacy. Yes, you’ll still be staying in a resort community, but you’ll probably have to remind yourself of that fact many times during your stay. Homes and villas often have access to their own private pools and hot tubs, which means you can listen to your own music, have private conversations, or simply sunbathe in silence without having to worry about the presence of any other guests.
  3. Restrictions On Use – Want to have a party when you’re in Orlando? How about choir practice or a kids play date? When you choose a hotel or condo, you might be restricted on who can visit/park at your vacation rental or how it can be used while you’re there. These restrictions typically don’t exist when you rent an entire home or villa (please always make sure to abide by all property owner and community rules, however).

Benefits Of Condo And Townhome Rentals In Florida

Now that your head is swimming with all of the marvelous benefits of a vacation home or villa rental in Orlando, let’s talk about the equally attractive benefits of staying in one of our condos or townhomes.

  1. Cost – The higher cost of renting 2,000 square foot of living space and seven bathrooms makes sense when you’re splitting it between an entire family or four couples who have known each other since high school. It doesn’t make as much sense for a family of four or a single couple. For smaller parties, the affordability of condos and townhome rentals is much more attractive.
  2. Proximity – When you choose Orlando condo or townhome rentals, you’ll typically enjoy a more centrally-located placement in the resort, with closer access to shared amenities like fitness centers, spas, BBQ equipment, and walking trails.
  3. Services – Are you looking for someone to make up your bed every morning? Bring you new towels for the pool? This type of service is often more easier to come by when you choose condo and townhome rentals. Rest assured, however, no matter which Orlando vacation rental you choose, will do everything with in our power to provide you with customer service for an unforgettable experience.