Tips For Seniors To Enjoy Their Vacation In An Orlando Villa


Whether you’re quickly approaching retirement or have been enjoying your post-work years for some time now, it’s highly likely that Florida ranks pretty high on your list of vacation destinations. It’s no secret that senior citizens are drawn to Florida, after all it has some of the best weather, most agreeable tax policies, and lowest costs of living of any state in the country.

But even if you don’t choose to retire in Florida, we hope that you’ll consider it as a place to visit once in awhile (or even as a location for your winter home while you summer in another state). Seniors visiting the Orlando area for the first time should know that they don’t have to limit themselves to the hotels crowded with young families and Spring Breakers.

Our Florida villa rentals are a great way for seniors to enjoy some luxurious peace and quiet without venturing too far away from the attractions in which they’re interested. In many cases, seniors can enjoy an entire, private Florida villa rental for the same or just slightly more than they would pay for a tiny hotel room in the Orlando area. Prices get even more attractive if you travel outside of the peak tourist seasons, and since seniors are retired, they have all the time in the world to plan their Orlando vacation!

Keep reading for more tips about how seniors can get the most out of their trip to the Sunshine State by choosing a Florida villa rental instead of the usual hotels and condos.

Pack Medications In Your Carry On

Medications are vital to maintaining your health while on vacation in Orlando, and if you’re flying here from out of state, it’s essential that you pack them in your carry on and not your checked luggage. Why? Because checked bags can be lost or delayed, whereas carry on bags remain in your possession for the entire time that you’re on the plane. Skipping a dose of vital medications is not an option for seniors, so it’s essential that this tip not be neglected.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time Between Connecting Flights

Running from one terminal to another with arms full of luggage is a young man’s game. If you must take a connecting flight to get to your Florida villa rental, make sure that you have plenty of time to make it from one gate to the next without having to rush. Most airlines will show you the landing and departure times for all of your flights, and you can do the math to understand how long you’ll be on the ground. If you have trouble, simply call the airline in person, explain your senior citizen status, and ask them to direct you to a flight that has ample connection time.

Ask For Senior Discounts

You’ve lived a long full life, now it’s time to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to ask for senior citizen discounts, embrace the honor of being older and wiser than most people who rent villas in Florida. Many restaurants, theme parks, and other local attractions provide discounts for folks who are 65 years of age or older.

Don’t Overplan

It can be very tempting to sign yourself up for a guided tour or other planned activity every day that you’re in Florida, but we’d recommend leaving a little time for spontaneity. “You aren’t a kid anymore! Don’t try to do too much in a single day or you’ll exhaust yourself and fail to enjoy your trip. Schedule plenty of time for breaks and simple sight-seeing,” explains Steve Casey. We’d recommend renting a car and simply taking a drive to some free attractions or the beach for at least one of the days of your trip. Don’t plan anything particular, just see where the day takes you!

Stay In A Florida Vacation Rental Near Disney

We’ve already touched on many of the reasons why Florida vacation rentals are superior to hotel rooms, but allow us to state a few more. Villas in Orlando allow you to go grocery shopping and prepare your own meals. They also often include private pools which mean you can read a book or listen to your favorite Big Band music without having to deal with interruptions from other vacationers. Finally, our Florida villa rentals provide plenty of room for visitors and grandkids, should they decide to pay a visit during your stay.