What’s The Difference Between A Villa And A House?



If you’ve spent any amount of time searching around the many vacation rental options we have here on VacationPoolHomes.com, you’ve probably noticed several different types of lodging. Unlike hotels, which can only offer you one type of room, we offer many different types of temporary dwellings here in Florida. However, we often have people contact us wanting to know what the difference is between a home rental and a villa rental. If you’ve wondered the same thing, this post is for you!

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Florida Offers Many Types Of Vacation Rentals

As a beautiful coastal state with a glorious climate, it’s no surprise that many people from all over the world choose Florida as their vacation destination of choice. With so many people traveling here year after year, many different types of lodging have sprung up to fill the demand for vacation rentals. No matter where you go in Florida, you’re likely to find:
  1. Motels/Hotels – These accommodations are fairly standard and most of us have had experiences with them in the past. While a comfortable hotel is wonderful, a subpar hotel can leave you wondering why you even went on vacation in the first place. Most hotels offer standard, double rooms with very few creature comforts.
  2. Airbnb – In recent years, this lodging sharing platform has allowed people to temporarily rent homes and apartments owned by others. There is very little regulation in this industry, however, so it’s impossible to expect any sort of standardized cleanliness, amenities, or even security.
  3. Resort – These vacation rentals are very much like hotels except they tend to be located on large properties that offer many indoor and outdoor amenities. Resorts sometimes offer additional lodging options, like suites, villas, and cottages for a higher price.
  4. Villa Rental – Many people assume that villa rentals are only for those who have gigantic vacation budgets, but this simply isn’t true. You just have to know the best place to book your Florida villa rental…right here on VacationPoolHomes.com!

What Makes A Villa So Special?

OK, now let’s get to the bottom of this question. What makes Florida villa rentals different from house rentals?
  • Size – In most cases, a villa will be quite a bit larger than a house. The typical vacation home rental may be one or two bedrooms, accompanied by a bathroom and living space. A villa generally has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, with significant outdoor areas and a private pool in which to enjoy yourself.
  • Luxury – This is the most important way in which a Florida villa rental differs from your standard vacation home rental. Villas are built to be beautiful, opulent, luxurious accommodations the likes of which you’ve never seen. The fixtures and amenities are always top notch, and you don’t have to share them with anyone!

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