8 Foods To Eat While Staying In A Florida Villa Rental


For many years, we’ve been proud to help people enjoy a new Florida vacation experience through our villa rentals. Many people assume that villas are reserved only for the rich and famous, but we say, you don’t have to own a Florida villa to experience their unparalleled luxury and relaxation! Staying in a Florida villa rental offers you the best of both worlds, the convenience of a hotel with all the amenities of home. The result is once in a lifetime privacy and pampering that you’ll want to experience year after year.

When you’ve got separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and yes, a full-size, beautifully-appointed kitchen at your disposal, you can’t let it all go to waste by eating out every night. When in Florida, you should eat like a Floridian, right? That’s why the VacationPoolHomes.com team has put together this list of must-try foods that always taste better when you eat them in the Sunshine State. And remember, if you need any suggestions about where to find the freshest seafood or tastiest desserts, our staff is always on hand to help!

Our Villa Rentals Are The Perfect Place To Experience Florida Cuisine

  1. Stone Crab – The Florida stone crab is in season from October to May and their large claws offer up gobs of succulent meat that are just begging to be dipped in butter.
  2. Conch Fritters – Conch is a large sea snail known for its distinctive shell. Popular in the Bahamas, this unique seafood is especially delicious when chopped up into a cold salad or deep-fried into fritters.
  3. Rock Shrimp – These domestic shrimp are unique in that they have hard shells and a body shape that’s similar to lobster. Inside, their meat is sweet and delicious as well.
  4. Cuban Sandwiches – The best cuban sandwiches are those made by people of Cuban descent, usually in the Miami area, but you don’t have to travel that far south to get a glorious rendition of this succulent sandwich. While you’re sampling Cuban cuisine, you may also want to try Arroz con pollo, boliche, roasted plantains with cheese, and of course, Cuban coffee.
  5. Kumquat Marmalade – Florida’s temperate climate makes it one of the best citrus-producing states in the nation. Enjoy the fruits of its labor (get it?!) by slathering your morning toast with some delicious kumquat marmalade. You’ll never want to go back to orange jam again!
  6. Citrus Swirl – “The citrus swirl is a combination of vanilla soft serve and “orange slush” (in other words, frozen orange juice),” explains The Disney Food Blog. “This, my friends, is a fantastic combination: tart and sweet, creamy and fruity all at once.”
  7. Alligator – Florida is known for its reptiles, especially the alligator. “Alligator is a lean meat with a mild flavor. It’s great fried or stewed in a gumbo. Alligator sausage, mixed with turkey or pork, is also delicious,” explains Buzzfeed.
  8. Key Lime Pie – If alligator meat and conch fritters are a little too exotic for you, don’t worry. The last item on this list is a Florida icon without being extremely strange. Florida’s key limes are smaller than traditional variety and a little bit sweeter. They positively shine when made into pie, and you definitely shouldn’t leave the Sunshine State without trying a big slice. Or three.

Taste And See The Beauty Of Florida By Sampling All These Foods And More!

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