8 More Foods To Eat While Staying In a Florida Villa Rental


Back in February, we offered up eight delicious and local food options that would make any foodie’s heart swoon. Today we want to give you eight more tasty options, just in case you’ve already tried everything on our last list! Florida is a hub for a variety of foods inspired by Cuban cuisine, local offerings, and an abundance of seafood. Orlando, in particular, is full of authentic eating options sure to make you want to come back again.  

So without further ado, here are eight can’t-miss treats!

  1. Mojitos: Okay, we know this is technically a beverage and not a food, but Florida mojitos are so good, you’ll want them with every meal! This refreshing beverage is traditionally made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and fresh mint. But you can find various spins on this classic Cuban cocktail, such as blackberry or orange flavors.

  2. Orange Marmalade: With Florida’s affinity for growing citrus, stop by a local market and pick up some fresh, tangy, homemade orange marmalade. Use this as a spread for toast, or just try it by itself.

  3. Gulf Oysters, Any Style: Gulf oysters are believed by chefs to be some of the best oysters in the country, and there’s no place to get them fresher than Florida. Try them raw, broiled, fried, or plain – or all of the above!

  4. Spiny Lobster: These lobsters are native to the Caribbean and do not have claws, but contain proportionally more meat than Maine Lobsters! Spiny lobsters are usually served split down the middle and grilled, but can be used in stews and other seafood dishes as well.

  5. Fish Tacos: With so many seafood options, Florida makes unlimited options for fish tacos. Whether you are looking for authentic street tacos, or something a little more adapted, Orlando has tacos for every taste and style.

  6. Ceviche: A classic Peruvian dish, ceviche is a mix of different seafoods and sauces, but is typically served cold with a citrusy flair. While Florida has practically unlimited seafood options, ceviche makes for a refreshing dish on a hot, humid day.

  7. Fritas: This is essentially a Cuban spin on what we know as a hamburger, and has been a staple since the Cuban population boomed in the 1950s. The classic version has a beef patty seasoned with paprika and other spices, fried potato straws (papas fritas), and is served on a flaky Cuban bun.

  8. Swamp Cabbage: We saved what is debatably the most unique food to Florida for last: Swamp cabbage. At a fancy restaurant this may be called “hearts of palm,” but native Floridians call it swamp cabbage, and it is pretty much a delicacy. This dish is derived from the meaty heart found inside the trunk or the tree. It can be used in a stew, or served raw in a salad.

Try All The Foods That Florida Has To Offer

Florida is known for its unique offerings. In our last food blog we talked about everything from alligator to conch fritters, so it’s no surprise that we were able to pick out eight more dishes everyone should try. Want to get extra creative? Try cooking up some of these favorites at your Florida Vacation Rental! Our homes are furnished with full kitchens and cooking equipment, so if you want to try your hand at mixing up mojitos or grilling up some oysters, you’ll be able to do that – all while on vacation! But if you do want to try these dishes cooked by locals, give our staff a call anytime and we’ll help you find the best local restaurants, food trucks, and festivals that offer up all these Florida dining staples! Contact Vacation Pool Homes today to find out more!