Disney Is The Perfect Place For Taking A Babymoon!


Think about the times when people are most often to take a vacation or celebrate a special event by taking a trip, and you’re likely to envision Spring Break or Summer Vacation; anniversaries or birthdays; and celebrating a promotion or engagement.

But in recent years, a new type of event is leading people to book a Disney vacation rental at any time of year. It’s called a Babymoon.

Keep reading to learn more about why people are taking babymoons and why our Disney vacation rentals are the perfect place to celebrate this very special time in your life.

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What Is A Babymoon?

“…the general idea of a babymoon is to have “one last trip” as a couple before you transition to the life of family travel. Whereas a honeymoon is a celebration of your new life ahead, a babymoon is a celebration of the old life you’re about to leave behind…,” explains travel blogger Ben Schlappig.

Basically, a babymoon is your chance to slow down and spend some quality time with your significant other before your lives get turned upside down by the new roommate. While babymoons tend to be most popular among first time parents, we’ve also heard of couples planning babymoons before babies #2 and #3 as well!

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate your upcoming change of lifestyle, a babymoon could be right for you. At VacationPoolHomes.com we have many Disney vacation rentals that would be the perfect place to have some fun and enjoy a romantic evening (or three) before your bundle of joy has you up for 2 am feedings every night!

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Disney Babymoon

Mention The Babymoon When You Buy Disney Tickets

People LOVE to gush about babies, especially when they’re just a figment of the imagination and not crying and/or pooping in the middle of the room. This is why we highly recommend mentioning the fact that you’re on or planning a babymoon when you buy tickets for access to Disney. It’s highly likely that the Disney team will give you some special perks to use while you’re in the park. After all, they want more people to plan babymoons at the resort, so they’re likely to shower you with presents in exchange for a little free publicity.

Stay In A Disney Vacation Rental

After buying your tickets (hopefully at a discount) we highly recommend you eschew the resort accommodations for a nice, quiet Disney vacation rental. Why? Because as a pregnant momma, you’re going to need a spot away from the hustle and bustle to get some rest and put your swollen ankles up. Basically, you’re going to have to take it a little slower than if you were on a vacation sans pregnancy.

“Instead of visiting all the parks or a park every day, you may plan to take some down days at your resort. Be flexible and willing to change your schedule depending on how you feel.This may mean visiting fewer attractions or planning more breaks,” explains Brittany Vicars for WD Info.

Stay Hydrated And Bring Snacks

Remember that even though there are only two of you having fun on your babymoon, your soon-to-be little one will still be sapping away some of your energy. One way to maintain your stamina for enjoying the park will be to drink plenty of water and carry plenty of high-protein snacks. Even if you forget your own water bottle, remember that you can ask for a free cup of ice water at any counter service station.

Go For A Swim!

One of the best parts of choosing a Disney vacation rental through VacationPoolHomes.com is that you’ll always have access to a beautiful pool for lounging and getting in a few laps. Some of our vacation rentals in Florida come with their own PRIVATE pool! “Swimming is a great way to stay active and relax when you are pregnant as it takes some of the extra pressure off of your joints,” explains Vicars. Spending some time in the pool after a day at the resort is a great way to ensure you’re ready to do it all again tomorrow!