Five Orlando 5k’s To Run On Your Next Vacation



For people who love to run, an Orlando vacation can be the perfect time to participate in a local 5k race and see new parts of the city. 5k’s are perfect for lifelong runners as well as novices, as they are long enough for a challenge, but not so long that you’ll need to call an Uber to drive you to the finish line – and if you do, that’s okay too! You’ll get to enjoy refreshments and rest while the rest of the family is working up a sweat.

Here are 5 Florida Running Events That You Can Still Register For

Foam Glow – September 9, 2017

This event happens in early September and is tons of fun for the whole family. Start this nighttime 5k run in a plain white t-shirt, and get blasted by glow-in-the-dark foam throughout the race. By the end, you’ll be a neon tie-dye masterpiece, illuminated by dozens of powerful black lights. All foam is non-toxic and safe for the whole family, even though it will have you looking other-worldly. Check out the run’s website here.

Halloween Hustle – October 21, 2017

You can probably infer from the name of this event that you get to dress up for your run. This event is in October and makes it easy to run for a charity of your choosing. Whether you want to simply put on a Superman T-Shirt or go all-out in a crazy gorilla suit, you’re sure to have fun with the family in this costume-centric Halloween 5k. Check out information and registration details here.

Bubble Run – November 18, 2017

Don’t you hate how sweaty and dirty you are after a 5k? You could almost say this 5k event eliminates the need for a shower afterwards! Although, we would still recommend it. At this event, every kilometer is marked by a colorful foam bog filled with sudsy bubbles. This event allows kids to run for free, and allows for parents to push their young ones in strollers as well. Find out more information about registration here.

Walt Disney World 5k – January 4, 2018

Every year Disney World hosts a Marathon Weekend that consists of events ranging from a kid’s 100m race up through a 48.6-mile event titled “The Dopey Challenge.” If almost 50 miles of running doesn’t sound appealing, don’t worry. There is a 5k event that is walkable or runnable for the whole family. This event actually takes place in Walt Disney World in the Epcot theme park, so you get to hang out at Disney while you exercise. Check out more information here.

Pig Run Of Lake Nona – March 31. 2018

What could be more fun than a Pig Run? This race has been going on for almost ten years, and is a non-timed 5k fun run. The best part? Once you get to the halfway point, you enter the Pig Run’s famous Pig Pen, where you get to eat as many donuts as you want — do you see now why this event is untimed? This 5k even includes a “Lil’ Oinkers Fun Run” for the kids. All proceeds from this race are donated to the Nemours Children’s Hospital, so you can support a good cause while pigging out on donuts. Check out the race’s website here.

Stay With Vacation Pool Homes When You Come To Run!

If you’re serious about running, you know how important it is to get a good night’s rest and a healthy meal before the race. Vacation Pool Homes are private and spacious, so there’s no noisy hotel guests to deal with. We also have fully equipped kitchens in our Florida vacation rentals so you can have a home-cooked meal to fuel for the race. Check out our listings and plan your visit around a local 5k race!