Four MORE Ways Taking A Florida Vacation Can Benefit You


Back in May, we talked about some ways that taking a vacation can benefit you in your personal life. These included a healthier heart due to less stress, better mental health, improved family relationships, and allowing for a break from the everyday routines of life. Today, we wanted to take a minute to talk about how the benefits of a vacation can flow into your worklife. Today, nearly 80% of adults aged 25-54 are employed, and we’d guess that nearly 100% of those adults could use a good vacation! If you’ve been hard at work, it might be time for a vacation. Many businesses offer paid time off, but overwhelming numbers of Americans don’t use their vacation days. As we’ve discussed in other blogs, many employees cite reasons for this that range from not wanting their boss to look down on them, to fearing returning to a pile of work.

To make you feel a little better about using those well-earned vacation days, here are four work-related benefits of vacationing:

  1. More Productivity: It is believed that people are more productive both before AND after their vacations. Before vacations, most of us are scrambling to get as much work done as we can, and also put a lot of effort into making a game plan for when we return to the office. Employees have also been shown to kick it into overdrive upon returning to their jobs to try and catch up on anything that may have built up while they were gone.

  2. Boosted Focus: Studies have found that continuous work without vacations can make your mind feel “blocked and distracted.” The constant stress of a heavy workload can cause memory problems as well, so taking vacations can help to clear up your mind and renew focus, and can even boost your creativity and allow you to see problems in a new way.

  3. More Mental Power: Researchers have discovered that brains don’t have an endless supply of energy, and that they need to be “reset” every now and then. Taking a vacation allows your brain a chance to rest, allowing you to use up that renewed mental energy when you come back to work.

  4. Less chance of burnout: Burnout is a common term used to describe the lack of motivation and incentive an employee feels after periods of intense stress. This burnout can build up over time, or come on suddenly, and is often accompanied by feelings of stress and anxiety. Workers who take vacations regularly are less likely to feel that burnout because they have a chance to step away from the office and return with renewed vigor.

The Bottom Line: Improved Quality Of Life Equals Improved Quality Of Work

The bottom line is that if you are enjoying life and treating yourself to a vacation, then your quality of work should also improve thanks to the reasons listed above, such as less burnout and more mental power. Unless of course you have so much fun on your Florida vacation that you quit your job and travel the world instead! You might even end up working with us in the vacation rental business! But most likely, you will be able to return to work with a rejuvenated vigor and excitement.

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