How to Plan For Weather in Orlando, FL

Are you planning a trip to Orlando, Florida for some family fun? The weather may be the last thing on your mind when theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios are calling your name. But taking Orlando’s climate into account as you choose travel dates, pack your suitcase, and decide on activities can help you plan your trip!

With weather that varies from mild, dry winters to hot, humid summers, checking expected conditions for the timing of your visit helps ensure your family vacation is comfortable. Our Orlando vacation rentals offer ideal accommodations conveniently located near the city’s famous theme parks and attractions.

Weather in Orlando, FL

Orlando enjoys mostly warm, sunny conditions throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 52°F to 91°F. But the humid subtropical weather in Orlando FL brings different conditions at different times of the year, so it’s helpful to plan your Orlando vacation accordingly.

While afternoon showers may temporarily interrupt the fun, planning your Orlando getaway during months with comfortable temperatures and lower chances of rain can help ensure your family fully enjoys the amazing theme parks and outdoor activities the city offers. Consider the typical weather by month in Orlando as you choose trip dates and make your vacation plans.


During spring, temperatures rise to pleasant levels, perfect for enjoying Orlando’s outdoor activities. Average highs increase from 75°F to 88°F and lows climb from 56°F to 72°F between March and May. With 2.6 inches of rain on average, precipitation remains moderate in the spring. Pack light clothing, swimwear, shorts, t-shirts, and sun protection.

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Summer is hot and humid in Orlando, with average highs around 90°F and average lows of 74°F. June through August also bring the most rain, with approximately 6.3 inches monthly. Pack light fabrics, breathable clothing, and swimsuits. Stay hydrated if visiting during summer. 


In fall, temperatures decrease significantly, with highs declining from 89°F to 75°F and lows dropping from 75°F to 58°F between September and November. Rainfall lessens to 2.8 inches monthly, and cloud cover decreases rapidly. Bring light jackets and long pants as cooler weather approaches.


Winter months see average highs around 73°F and lows around 55°F. At 2.5 inches of rain, winter is Orlando’s driest season, though cloud cover remains fairly constant. Pack closed-toed shoes and jackets in case of the occasional cold front.

No matter the season, keeping Orlando’s subtropical climate and likely weather conditions during your stay in mind allows you to plan accordingly. Check park hours and scheduled shows or parades in case rain delays attractions temporarily. 

Have backup indoor or evening plans that accommodate both hot sunny days and the occasional quick downpour. Packing proper attire, ranging from bathing suits to lightweight pants and jackets, prepares your family for anything.

Plan Your Visit

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