How To Save Money When You Visit Universal Studios Orlando


Are you planning a trip to the Orlando area? You’re in the right place! boasts one of the best selections of Orlando vacation rentals in the world, and when you book with us, you’ll see why so many people are giving up their habit of staying in hotels and choosing vacation homes instead. But we digress.

The OTHER Amazing Vacation Resort In Orlando

Most people come to the Orlando area because they’re heading to one of the Disney World parks, but not you. You’re too clever to go where all the other tourists go. You’re also a pretty big Harry Potter fan, so choosing Universal Studios Orlando over the much ballyhooed Disney resorts was a no-brainer for you.

Now you’re here, because you’re looking for a way to make your upcoming Orlando vacation as budget-friendly as possible. We get it. That’s why the team has been wracking its collective brain for all the money-saving tips we can think of. Using these inside tips and tricks, you can be sure to get the most out of your Universal Studios vacation in Orlando without creating a breathtaking credit card bill.

Read on for great ideas and then browse our wide selection of Orlando vacation rentals today!

Buy Your Admission Tickets In Advance

Just like buying your tickets at the door for a popular concert, waiting to buy your Universal Studios admission tickets until you’re literally at the gate in Orlando is a bad idea. Well, not a bad idea per se, but it’s definitely going to cost you. The best way to get great discounts on admission tickets is to purchase them directly from the park online. On average, families who purchase admissions tickets through Universal Orlando online receive a $20 discount on multi-day passes. If you have multiple people in your party, this can add up to big savings quick!

Book An Orlando Vacation Rental Instead Of A Hotel

When booking your tickets, you’ll see multiple advertisements SCREAMING for you to bundle your hotel and tickets together, but DON’T! Instead of being trapped on the resort, paying high prices for food and drink, you could book an Orlando vacation rental for less money and more space. Yes, you read that right. Our private Orlando vacation rental homes feature full kitchens where you can cook cost-effective meals, living areas complete with flat screen TVs and couches, and access to beautiful pools where kids can work out all that energy from being over-stimulated at Universal Studios all day!

Bring A Backpack & Rent A Locker

A backpack makes it easy to bring extra layers in case the weather changes, sunscreen, water bottles, phone chargers, and other things you might have to buy if the need arises while you’re in the park. Backpacks and lockers are also a great place to stash some snacks that can help prevent you from buying fast food at a premium while inside the resort.

Print The Universal Savings Coupon Booklet

This is one step you simply cannot forget! The Orlando Visitor’s Center is a great place to find valuable coupons good for Disney, Universal, and other attractions in the area. The Universal Savings Booklet in particular can be redeemed at either park (Universal Studios Store or Islands Trading Post) for valuable discounts off park dining and shops. If you’re a resident of another town or city in Florida, you should know that your local status qualifies you for savings of $45 per day on park to park tickets and $35 a day on single park tickets! These discounts are subject to blackout dates, however, so just be sure to double check before you book.

We hope this post has helped you to see that you don’t have to be independently wealthy to enjoy a vacation at Universal Studios! What’s more, if you choose our vacation home rentals over a pricey hotel room, your family with have more space to relax and play, guaranteeing you’ll come home with no regrets and lots of amazing memories! Our team of local travel experts would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the size or amenities available through our Orlando vacation homes. If you have any special needs or desires, just let our team know when you book and we’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

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