How To Travel When Your Kids Are Different Ages


Taking a family vacation can be difficult. Taking a family vacation when you have two or more kids with a wide age gap can be even harder. Every family is different, and that means the age range between siblings can be anywhere from a year to ten years or more. So what happens when you want to take your kids to Disney World when, for example, one is about to start pre-school, and the other one is entering their freshman year of high school? Not only are their interests different, but so are their developmental stages. And while some older children love that their cute little siblings look up to them, others hate that they always have a kid hanging on to them, and that they sometimes have to play the role of babysitter. Today, we’d like to offer some tips for making sure everyone enjoys their vacation, from parents to toddlers to teens.


Tips for traveling with kids of different ages:

  • Make sure everyone has their own space – especially the older ones. Nothing is worse than cramming a kid in diapers and a kid going through hormonal puberty-induced mood swings into the same hotel room. At Vacation Pool Homes, you can pick from dozens of beautiful Florida vacation rentals for that have space for everyone at the fraction of the price of a hotel room. This way if the kids get heated and need to take a time out, everyone can go to their own room for a little bit.

  • Everyone needs a travel activity: Whether you’re flying to Florida or taking a road trip down the coast, everyone needs their own activity, or in this day and age, electronic device, to keep them entertained. We’re not suggesting you go out and buy everyone an iPad just for the vacation, but preparing for different interests is important. Perhaps break out the old GameBoy and load your tablet with a movie or two. Bring coloring supplies for the little ones, and make sure your older ones have their music devices all charged up – and don’t forget headphones!

  • Choose activities that everyone will enjoy together: While people of all ages would love a trip to Disney World, finding rides that entertain both a toddler and a tween can be difficult. Opt for activities like a beach day or a day at the pool. Your older kids might enjoy boogie boarding all day while the younger makes sand castles – and they’ll both be in your line of sight. This way, families can spend the day together relaxing and soaking up the Florida sun, and who doesn’t love that?

  • Have the older one bring a friend: This will depend on the age of your older child, their maturity level, and your trust in them. When kids hit their teenage years, hanging out with their family is the last thing they want to do, even if Mom and Dad just paid for a fancy Disney World vacation. If your teenager has a friend they can bring to keep them occupied, this is a great time for them to bond – and for you to see how they interact with their peers. If these two best buds are responsible, you can even let them explore Disney World or Universal on their own, which they are sure to love. Just make sure you set a meeting time and have a way to contact them. This way, you can make sure your youngest is having fun and going on age-appropriate rides, without your older complaining that you’ve gone on “It’s A Small World” ten times already.

  • When in doubt, everybody loves animals: Florida is known for its wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in America. While visiting our beautiful state, you can take the kids on an airboat tour of the Everglades and look from some alligators, you can swim with manatees, or go on a safari at one of our many wildlife preserves.

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