Is Florida Better In Winter?


If you’re looking for a white winter, the last place we’re going to tell you to come if Florida, where we’re lucky if we even get a morning frost. In fact, Florida has the most mild winters in the continental United States, where daytime highs during the winter can range from 64-77 degrees throughout the state. So if you’re coming from a place that experiences a “real” winter, you’ll be happy to know that Florida is ready to be your tropical paradise. While many Floridians flock to ski resorts and snowy getaways, many people are trying to escape those cold climates, and Florida is the perfect place to do so. Today, we wanted to take a couple of minutes to discuss why the fall and winter may just be the best time to plan a Florida vacation.

There Are Discounts EVERYWHERE

Because Florida is such a large tourist destination, most theme parks and museums have established “high” and “low” seasons. During the low seasons, prices of tickets are cheaper to try and attract more guests, making sure that they have a steady stream of revenue throughout the year. For example, if you look at the calendar for Disney World theme park tickets, the fall and winter months are full of “value days,” where tickets are about $20 cheaper than their peak times during the summer. The price kicks back up in December for the holidays, but drops again before the Spring Break rush.

And Disney isn’t the only place that’ll save you money in the winter. Our Florida pool homes are cheaper as well during the low season. While we already offer affordable vacation homes year-round, we lower our prices during the fall and winter, with some of our vacation rentals near Disney World being up to 50% off! This could save you hundreds of dollars on your trip, just by choosing a great time to travel.

The Weather Is More Predictable

While Florida is known as the Sunshine State, we still receive heavy rainfall, and even cyclones, during the summer. This makes for hours of the day when you simply don’t want to be outside because the warmth in the air combined with rain makes for sticky, muggy weather. This is a lose-lose situation because you probably planned on spending the day at Disney or lounging on the beach. And considering that we have been marked as the state that receives the most lightning strikes per year, the beach during a thunderstorm is the last place you’ll want to spend your vacation. Thankfully, October marks the start of the dry season when rain is at a minimum, and this season lasts through spring. And because the temperature is so nice during these months, you can still enjoy all of your outdoor activities in the sunshine.

You Won’t Melt

Look, we know we always talk about how great our Florida vacation rentals are during the summer – and they are great. If Florida was a nightmare during the summer, we wouldn’t have the highest volume of tourists year after year like we do. All we’re saying is that sometimes, when it’s 95-degrees out, you would maybe prefer to swim at your Vacation Pool Home than hike through our natural scenery, visit a zoo, or go horseback riding. For some people, it may even be dangerous to their health to be exposed to such hot temperatures while doing a physical activity. The winter months are perfect for doing all of the great activities that Florida has to offer without worrying about getting heat sickness. This is especially important if you are planning a family get together with the grandparents.  

Pick Oranges

How could we talk about winter in Florida without talking about oranges? Florida’s citrus industry currently ships out about 80 million boxes of oranges per year, making it a multi-billion dollar industry. Oranges hit their peak typically between October and February, meaning a winter Florida vacation is the perfect time to plan a family outing to an orange grove. Take the oranges back to your vacation pool home’s fully equipped kitchen and make fresh orange juice to enjoy by the pool.

Take A Florida Vacation This Winter With Vacation Pool Homes

Look, we may be biased, but we think Florida is probably the best place on earth regardless of what month it is. But when you can save money, enjoy the mild heat, and pick the freshest oranges, how could you resist planning a winter trip to Florida? When you do come to the Sunshine State, be sure to reserve your Vacation Pool Home. Our vacation homes near Disney World and throughout Florida are discounted during the low season, and we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect activities for the whole family on your vacation. Check out our entire selection of Florida vacation rentals here, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming stay.