Orlando’s Most Unusual Attractions


We’ve designated the activities in this article as “unusual” because we won’t be telling you to take the family to Disney World or Legoland, we won’t even bring up taking a boat tour of the Everglades or swimming with manatees. Today, we are specifically dedicating this post to some of the most unusual, quirky, and strange attractions that Orlando has to offer. The best part is that these are all located within the Orlando metropolitan area, meaning they’re just a short drive away from your Vacation Pool Home.

Quirky Things To Do In Orlando

Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater: This attraction is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Touting itself as “Florida’s first pro wrestling dinner theater,” visitors often find themselves asking, “Wait, there’s more than one professional wrestling dinner theater?” Like any traditional dinner theater, guests are sat at tables and served a delightful meal. Unlike traditional dinner theaters, however, at the Manor, you have the pleasure of watching wrestlers throw each other around in the ring rather than your favorite play.

The Global Convergence Sculpture: This interesting landmark is one of the many unique sculptures and statues that adorn Orlando’s city streets. The sculpture itself, while impressive, is not nearly as interesting as the artwork on the sculpture. The Global Convergence sculpture consists of an aluminum globe broken into pieces by blue panels. The panels feature painted shoal bass, a native Florida fish. Are you wondering what earns this sculpture a spot on our list of unusual attractions? The painted fish were created to be incredibly lifelike by a Japanese art style called “gyotaku,” which translates to “fish rubbing.” To perform this technique, paint is applied directly to an actual fish, and then the fish is essentially used as a stamp to transfer the paint onto a piece of rice paper. The globe is illuminated from the inside by LED lights that flash to create the illusion that the printed fish are swimming around in the inside of the globe.

The Singing Runway: Okay, we know we said we wouldn’t tell you to go to Disney World, but this is an exception. Known as the “Walt Disney Land Airport,” this runway was designed to be a private-use airport that was located within the boundaries of Walt Disney World. The airport is no longer in use for its original purpose, but that doesn’t mean visitors can’t still experience the magic. The Singing Runway was designed with a series of grooves spaced at different integers that when driven over create the tune of “When You Wish Upon A Star.” This feature is now part of a parking lot but is sometimes accessible to the public.

Carmine Oddities Boutique: This shop located in North Orlando is the perfect place for those who love things that range from unusual to bizarre. With items ranging from taxidermied animals to two-headed mummies, this is a great place to do some window shopping, get a few quirky souvenirs, and see some things you’ve never seen before!

Gatorland: This is a lesser-known theme park in Orlando and is home to interactive alligator experiences, including a petting zoo, and an opportunity to hold baby alligators, and a gator wrestling show (performed by professionals, not guests). While many people hope to see an alligator in the wild while vacationing in Florida, this spot at least guarantees you can go home and tell your friends you got up close and personal with some of Florida’s largest reptiles. Perhaps the best part of this attraction is the 1,200-foot long zip line that will fly you over hundreds of hungry gators.

WonderWorks: This museum will have you feeling a little topsy turvy – as the entire building was built upside down! The story goes that “Professor Wonder” was doing scientific research on an island located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and the crew was attempting to harness the power of a man-made tornado. Something went wrong and the tornado swept the WonderWorks laboratory off of its foundation and deposited it (conveniently) right in the middle of the biggest tourist city in America. In short, your kids will love this place.

Ghost Tours: There are multiple ghost tour options in Orlando that offer the chance to visit some of the most historic places in the city. To get really into the spirit, choose an interactive tour that will give you the equipment you need to be a real-life ghost buster, minus the slime, of course.

Rising Star Karaoke Bar: This is conveniently located on the Universal CityWalk on the way to the Universal theme park. While we’ve all probably participated in karaoke night at our local bowling alley, this karaoke experience features a live band that plays behind you. Basically, it’s your chance to feel like an actual rock star for the night and fulfill that dream you had of starting a band.

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