Tips For Taking Your Baby To Disney World – And Actually Enjoying It!


Last month we told you about how Disney World is the perfect place to take a babymoon – a special trip with your partner before the new baby arrives and shakes things up.

But just because you have a baby doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! You might be wondering, “Why Disney World?” Sure, if your baby is still under twelve months old, that’s a valid question. They won’t remember going to Disney, and other than being stimulated by some sights and sounds, they won’t really understand what’s going on. Perhaps you just had your second baby, and you want to remind the older sibling that just because there’s a new child in the house, doesn’t mean that you won’t still have fun times. Or maybe you are a Disney fanatic yourself, and want to start your baby off on the right foot. Whatever your reason is for taking your baby to Disney World, we have some tips to make it a little easier.

Navigating Rides: Don’t think that just because your bundle of joy can’t walk yet that they can’t go on rides. Disney offers plenty of rides where you can hold your baby in your lap. Some of these include Pirates of the Caribbean (though be wary of loud sounds and explosions scaring your little one), Jungle Cruise, Winnie The Pooh, and It’s A Small World. These rides are slow, with little-to-no drops or jolts.

Other attractions, such as The Tower Of Terror or Space Mountain, are obviously not suitable for children who can’t ride in their own seat. However, Disney offers rider switch, where a family can wait in line together, and then one parent will hold the baby while the other one rides, and then switch roles so the second parent can enjoy the ride as well. This may not be as special as riding together, but we’ll offer another option for this in our next point.

Don’t Do It Alone: Taking a young baby to Disneyland may seem daunting, but having another couple there could lessen the burden. If you and your partner have a couple of friends who also have a new baby, it could be a great idea to travel together. That way, one couple could watch both babies while the other couple gets to ride together, and vice versa. This way you get to spend time with your partner and with your baby.

And don’t forget about grandparents! Grandparents love to be involved, but might get tired in the Florida heat. Grandparents also, historically, love to watch your baby – especially when it’s only for a couple hours. If you have a grandparent or two who would love to come to Disney World, treat them to a ticket as well. They can enjoy the slower rides with you and the baby, and then take the baby back to the rental for a few hours of rest while you and your partner enjoy some more thrilling rides.

Know About The Baby Care Centers: All of Disney’s parks offer baby care centers, with changing tables, nursing areas, microwaves, television, air conditioning, and even a place to buy diapers, food, and other supplies in case you run out or forget something.

Pack Accordingly: Packing for any trip with a baby is hard. You want to find that sweet spot between being prepared for anything, but not being prepared for everything. You know what your baby needs in a day, and while explosive poops can happen, you probably don’t need to pack your baby’s entire closet and bath supplies with you.

If possible, pack any valuables in a separate, smaller bag that you can carry on rides with you. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to leave your large bag unattended, and an extra onesie is easier to replace than a wallet or cell phone.

We also recommend bringing or renting a stroller. It may seem daunting to try and steer a stroller through thousands of people, but it will make your life easier. Babies get heavy after a while, and holding a baby close to you all day in the Florida heat can be uncomfortable for both you and your baby. Strollers are also a great place to store your bags and supplies, and many parents leave their diaper bags in their strollers unattended without any problems.

Talk to Your Resources: Disney World is full of helpful people who want to guide you in the best direction. If you find yourself at Disney World with a baby and you’re suddenly unsure what to do, ask a park employee for suggestions of what to ride, or where to get away from the crowd.

We, at Vacation Pool Homes, also want to help you out with any concerns you have about bringing your baby to Disney World. Let us know if you need help figuring out the logistics of bringing your babies or toddlers on a Disney dream vacation. We’d love to provide any information we can, as well as providing luxurious accommodations for your stay, with enough room for any other families or grandparents you may be traveling with.