What Does Disney Vacation Insurance Cover?


Are you planning a Disney vacation for this upcoming spring or summer? There’s almost no bad time to head down to Florida for an adventure in the sun! In fact, the off seasons of fall and winter are some of the best times to consider a Disney vacation rental, simply because you’ll be competing for lodging and activities with far fewer people.

When planning a Disney vacation, many people wonder whether or not they should purchase insurance for their travel plans. In this post, we’d like to explore the topic of Disney vacation insurance as well as the pros and cons of purchasing it through Disney Destinations, LLC. We’ll also discuss why choosing a Disney vacation rental through VacationPoolHomes.com can help you to minimize your risk and costs in general!


What Is Disney Vacation Insurance?

When you hear people online talking about Disney Vacation insurance, they’re actually referring to a Travelex insurance plan that’s available through Disney Destinations LLC. You can buy Disney vacation insurance online or by calling the Walt Disney World Resort. The purpose of this travel insurance is to provide peace of mind for unexpected events that may prevent you from coming to Florida for vacation or cut your vacation short.

Why Purchase Insurance For Your Disney Vacation?

Disney vacations aren’t cheap. When you’re making such a big investment for a future date and have no idea what might happen between now and then, it can be helpful to have some assurances that you won’t be left holding the financial bag if something goes wrong. What could go wrong, you ask?

  1. Trip Cancellation – If something unexpected happens and you’re prevented from making it to your Disney vacation destination, travel insurance will cover your travel cost or expense by reimbursing the prepaid and non-refundable fees you’ve already paid.
  2. Trip Interruption – What if your child suddenly gets sick during the trip or you get word from a family member that there’s been a death in the family? Travel insurance will reimburse you for the unused prepaid and non-refundable cost.
  3. Trip Delay – What if you miss your flight or you run into auto trouble that prevents you from checking into your Disney vacation rental on time? Travel insurance will provide coverage in the event you are delayed while en route to or from your destination for an included reason.

The Problem With Disney Vacation Insurance

Here’s the one big drawback of Disney travel insurance: it’s only available if you book all the components of your plan through the Disney Reservation Center. If you’re staying in other, more affordable vacation rentals in Florida, you’re going to have to find another way.

The good news is, there are plenty of independent travel/trip insurance options out there that are perfectly compatible with the Disney vacation rentals available here at VacationPoolHomes.com. That, coupled with the personal service that only a Florida-based vacation rental company can avoid, ensure that you’ll enjoy every minute of your trip, no matter what!

Our amazing Disney vacation rental options include condos, townhomes, and full villas that are situation in some of the most beautiful locations throughout the Kissimmee and Orlando areas. Why stay in a stuffy hotel room with your entire rambunctious family when you could enjoy the privacy and luxury of a house all to yourself? We’ve helped hundreds of families get more enjoyment out of their Disney vacation rental by offering competitive prices and unparalleled amenities. When you’re here, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in your own personal vacation home rather than just a place that was recently vacated by some other family.

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